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Thursday A Sessions

Thursday B Sessions

A10: Reading the Research: Because Digital Writing Matters
B6: Reading the Research: A Taste of Ernest
Morrell's Work --- Linking Literacy and Popular Culture
A11: Taking Charge of Inservice
B9: Building Video Games for and in the classroom
A15: Responding to the Common Core
An Introduction to the Literacy Design Collaborative
B11: Site Leaders and School Administration Collaborating to Develop Inservice
A17: Leading Digital Literacies Roundtable
B17 Exploring Digital Portfolios and Digital Literacy in the Invitational Summer Institute
LUNCH G9: Games for Education and Social Impact
B22 Transitional Conversations: Connecting Writing in High School and College

Thursday C Sessions

Friday D Sessions

C1: Supporting Language and Critical Thinking Development Through Digital Stories
D1 Inquiries into Digital Writing: The NWP "Digital Is" Website
C13: Digital Writing and Assessment: Pushing
the Boundaries of How We Talk About Text
D5: What TCs Learned from Migrant Ed. Students
C16: Prompting for Meaningful Student Writing
D10: Rethinking Academic Literacy, African American Vernacular English, and English Learners in Urban Classrooms
C19: Preparing New Leaders for Inservice
D19: Writing in the SI
C22: Using Site Profile Data for Strategic Inquiry and Site planning
D20: Learning About the Teaching of Writing to Special Education Students

D22: Professional Writing Retreats: Duplicating the National Model at the local level

Friday E Sessions

Saturday Sessions

E7: Youth Programs: A Key to Unlocking Your Site’s Potential
NWP Makes! Making and Technical Writing
E14: Developing and Designing Open Programs (continuity options)

E22: Developing Long-Term, Grant Funded Inservice

E23: Inquiring into Distributed Identities