Notes by Andrea Zellner (zellnera@msu.edu)

[Add'tl Notes from Janet Swenson]
Sharon Washington, Executive Director, NWP
• 30th year of the annual meeting
• Our Writing and Learning Connect US
• Introduced the 11 new sites
Roxanne Henkin, Director, San Antonio WP
• Big applause for all they did!
• History of San Antonio
• Display in the Auditorium from the SAWP TCs and their students
Ellin Nolan, President, Washington Partners, LLC
• “Cautious Euphoria” in response to the election
• In spite of the administration’s stance to cut funding for NWP
• 23 Million dollars
• Imagine what we can do with a president who wants to increase funding to schools
• Transition is a tricky time
• 55 new members of Congress
• Rewrite the NCLB law
• A couple of other big jobs: universal health care, global warming, shrinking economy
• Bill: That’s a to-do list I would like to avoid
Kylene Beers, President-Elect, NCTE
• NWP has been a guide for Kylene
o Her child suggested to his English teacher to attend the NWP HA!
o Worked with South Coast Writing Project
o It is profound when teachers know what to do—it makes all the difference in the world
o One message: Testing does not improve learning
o A Republican asked her, what does? She replied: Teachers!
o Only one group that has changed what teachers do in the classroom: that is the National Writing Project
o Literature: Our Way In: way to reach students and help them find themselves
o If literature is our way in, then writing is the way out
o It helps us clarify our thinking, it helps us know who we are
o It is the way we communicate
o October 20: NCTE will host the National Day on Writing
• People will host a online forum will hold the writing
• Will include the NWP to be strong participants in this day *
• The importance of using writing to find your voice!
Mark St. John, President, Inverness Research Inc.
• Has been working with NWP for over a decade
• Articulate the value of the investment
• The Bridge to Somewhere—investing in the NWP
• The Creation of Educational Capital
o Are we and education bailout or a sound investment in our nation’s future?
• Writing Prompt from Mark:
o Investing is different than spending
o We are all Capitalists!
o The investment in the NWP helps all of you to create muliple forms of educational capital
o Two Questions
• How much and what types of Education Capital are generated by the NWP
• How much capital is being generated at our own site
o Human Capital: the TCs, education faculty and others (like me!)
o 3,000 Teachers are added each summer to the pool of NWP teachers each summer
• Human Capital (Scale of 1 to 5)
• Knowledge Capital: every year 6700 TCs share their own approaches to over 92,000 colleagues

• Social and Cultural Capital: relationships and connections

• Institutional Capital: connections with other organizations

• Financial and Political capital and capacity for garnering financial resources
o For every dollar invested from the feds, NWP sites leverage 3 dollars

I am not an expenditure
We create educational capital
This is crucial to supporting current and future work
Daniel Boggan, Jr, Chair of the Board, NWP
• Has been the chairman of the board for 11 years
• Renewal is important and other people can lead
• Built an infrastructure that shows people how they can lead
Sharon Washington’s speech
• The idea of being othered and building bridges
• Desire to connect
o Highlighted some cute stories
o Letters to the Next President
Dolores Perez, Teacher-Consultant, Sabal Palms Wiritng Project

Additional Notes from Janet Swenson

NWP Annual Meeting**

Sharon Washington, Director of the NWP

• Introduction of the 11 sites that held 1st institute in 2008
• Introduce special guests
• Introduce local host

Ellen Nolan [Washington Partners]

o NWP currently receives 23 million dollars in funding
o Obama wants to increase funding for elem/sec by 18 million
o Obama wants to double funding for at risk & research

Kylene Beers/NCTE

o When teachers know what to do it makes all the difference
o Testing does not improve learning teachers improve learning
o NWP is the one organization that has changed what teachers do
o Literature is our way in, writing is our way out (clarifies out thinking) of ourselves and into the world
• October 20, 2009: National Day on Writing (People will have been submitting writing to a “gallery” and on that day the gallery will open – help show the importance of writing and finding your voice

Mark St Johns, Inverness Research

o The bridge to somewhere: investing in the NWP – The Creation of Educational Capital
• Is this a one-time outlay, or the investment that creates new capital?
• Educational capitalists: How much and what types of educational capital are generated by the NWP? How much generated at own site
• Human capital: people, how successful are we?
• Knowledge/research capital; how successful are we?
• Social & cultural capital (diverse groups & perspectives) [continuity programs] – own site successful at increasing social and cultural capital
• Institutional capital: connections with other institute museums, libraries, educational alliances in addition to schools and districts? Own site?
• Financial & political capital: grantmakers, investors; when you look at our funding, how diversified are we?
• Capitalism IQ:
o 21-25 Warren Buffett
o 15-20 Bill Gates
o 14 or below Karl Marx
o We are an investment & not an expenditure; we are and create educational capital

Dan Boggan, chair of board

o You make a difference in the life of the country through the students you impact
o Wind beneath the wings of their students
o Guides on an intellectual journey
o Search that culminated in identification of Sharon Washington as next NWP director

Sharon Washington:

o Building bridges
• Experiential education
• Global initiatives
• Tied to one other variable

Elyse Eidman-Aadahl

o Our writing and learning connect us
o Writing prompt: When or how did you first connect with your local writing project site? When/how did you first connect with the national writing project Who/what symbolizes those connections?
• State and regional connections
• Urban sites network began with 11 site – now over 50 (Louisville next urban sites)
• 90 sites that are networks – rural sites network (30 sites below to both)
• 18 sites- Project Outreach sites
o ELL network
o reading initiative
o new teacher initiative
o inquiry network
• directors retreat
• new sites retreat
• professional writing retreat
• tech liaisons (letters to the president: NWP & Google)
• power of student voices and visual representations

Mary Ann Smith, introduction of Delores Perez

Delores Perez

• Victimized by the melting pot
• Couldn’t speak Spanish (even as foreign language)
• [note to self; heritage speakers at msu creating “problems” in enrollment—offer heritage speakers the “right” and opportunity to use their heritage language skills in some new outreach program]
• Offer students a mirror into their own lives and not only a window into others