Teachers as Writers

is a Continuity Program of the Red Cedar Writing Project.

Ever just need that Sacred Writing Time experience again? Well, that's what Teachers as Writers is all about! RCWP Teacher Consultants and friends meet to write, read their work, and get feedback from fellow writers. This is the time and space for your writing, because those that can do, teach!

      • I know there are a few groups out there meeting in different geographical locations, but if there are at least two RCWP Teacher Consultants at these meetings then it counts toward the RCWP's contact hours and we would love to hear from you. Just send the location/meeting time and the name and phone/e-mail of a contact person for the group and I'll post it here for easy reference. And if you don't want any new members, still contact me so we can discuss keeping track of your contact hours...they really benefit the RCWP.


The blog contains overviews of the meetings, prompts for writing, and your writing if you so chose.
Anyone can comment to the blog currently, but if you'd like to be able to write posts to it as an author, please contact me and I'll get you added as a collaborator.


Prompt Archive

TEACHERS AS WRITERS Face-to-Face meetings:

Locations and times to be announced on the listserve.

Please feel free to contact me.
Julie Achterberg
Program Leader for Teachers as Writers
Cell 517-899-6551