This blog reprints the BlackBook article that explains the lowdown.

It has become an annual tradition at the Red Cedar Writing Project to offer up the Hemingway Challenge in the last week of our summer institute.
Here are some six-word novels produced by participants:

Stray thread. Pulled it. Ran naked. --Susan Y.

Squirrels do it, why can't I? --Christina F.

Write. Read. Think. Do it again! ~Kristine M.

It was all just a joke. --Nicole N.
What’s the purpose of this living? --Nicole N.
When it’s scary, shut your eyes. --Nicole N.
Why SHOULD my two socks match? --Nicole N.

He’s a jerk. She survived. Ha! -- Vicki S.
Time to shop. Bagged a trophy! -- Vicki S.
God created. Christ rose. We hope. -- Vicki S.
Grandpa weak. Grandma cares. Sixty-five years. -- Vicki S.

The anticipation killed her. No, really. --Mitch
Prodigal son returned via Army freight. --Mitch
Sorry coach—Al used drugs again. --Mitch