Click here for our notes on the 2008 National Writing Project Annual Meeting sessions!

NWP Annual Meeting

Once again this year, several RCWP TCs will be blogging, twittering, wiki-ing, and podcasting their experiences at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting. This year's meeting will be held in San Antonio, Texas on November 19-22.

On this page:

  • The Twitter Feed

  • Everything you need to know before attending NWP: Pre-Conference Planning Meeting

  • Annual Meeting Resources from the NWP
  • Call us on Skype

  • RCWP does San Antonio: a collaborative map of where we are and where we are going

We are TWITTERING the conference this year. Check out the feed below for all things NWP related:

Note: This Twitter feed searches all the Twitter posts for the keywords "NWP" or "National Writing Project." To get your post on the feed, use one of the keywords. Understandably, sometimes other people may use NWP for different purposes, so their posts may end up in the feed even though they aren't talking about the National Writing Project.

Pre-Conference Planning Meeting:

  • If you missed the meeting, please complete the following steps:

  1. Read our notes from the meeting
  2. Look at the powerpoint below.
  3. Check out our collaborative Google Map.
  4. Watch the screencasts on posting to the blog, posting to the wiki, adding to the collaborative map, twittering, and podcasting
  5. Check to see that you are able to post to the blog, wiki and to twitter.
  6. Fill out the FORM with your information (this information will only be available to other RCWPers travelling with us. If there is something you would like to keep private from the other people in the group, don't add it).
  7. Email Andrea with any questions!

In order to view presentation live, you must have a Google Account

View the presentation [[


Annual Meeting Resources from the National Writing Project:

Feel free to add your Skype widget below:
My status

Dinner at Paesano's: Thursday, November 20, 2008; 7:30 pm

Walking directions to Paesanos Riverwalk
0.4 mi – about 7 mins
external image icon_greenA.pngexternal image icon_greenA.png
Grand Hyatt San Antonio600 E Market StSan Antonio, TX 78205
external image camera_dr1.png
Head west on E Market St toward Convention Way
external image camera_dr1.png
0.1 mi
Turn right at Losoya St
external image camera_dr1.png
308 ft
Slight left at E Commerce St
external image camera_dr1.png
108 ft
Turn right at Riverwalk Pl
external image camera_dr1.png
0.1 mi
Turn left to stay on Riverwalk Pl**
external image camera_dr1.png
194 ft
external image icon_greenB.pngexternal image icon_greenB.png
Paesanos Riverwalk111 W Crockett StSan Antonio, TX 78205

RCWP Does San Antonio:

A collaborative map highlighting all the important places to be in San Antonio!